Luc Guillemot

Hi, my name is Luc. I do data visualization, interaction design & front-end engineering to create applications that turn data into information.

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Before working freelance, I worked at Interactive Things where I built data-driven products in a multi-disciplinary team.
I learnt a lot about the grammar of graphics while creating, the official visualization tool for open data in Switzerland. I also worked with journalists to create a data story about the career of tennis player Roger Federer, or to implement an investigation of how tax money is used in Switzerland.
Prior to working full time on doing data visualization, I worked at UC Berkeley and EPFL (the Swiss federal institute of technologies) as a scholar where I did research in cartography and urban geography.
streamgraph visualizing my career path in 6 categories (learning, working, indulging, blowing steam, artistic endeavors, and doing research).