The will of the people - 2016 (ongoing project)

Visualization of the presidential primaries. What if every elected delegate represented the same number of votes? What if every ballot cast had the same weight in the nomination process? Would it change the number of delegates allocated to each candidate?

Bay Area geodemographics - 2016 (ongoing project)

Tracking neighborhood change in the Bay Area

About Electoral Maps and Demography - 2015

Maps of 2015 French Regional Election, using value-by-alpha maps to emphacize the urban stronghold against far-right parties. Maps published in the newspaper Libération.

Buying In: Putting a Price on Urbanity in the Digital City - 2015

Description of the postdoctoral research project I am currently pursuing at UC Berkeley

Internet and Net Neutrality, the Making of a World-Society - 2014

These maps are part of my PhD dissertation. I analyze the emergence of a World-society through the joint futures of Internet and the World as a political entity.

World Urban Factory - 2014

A peak into the history of the World greatest cities, since the very first one.

The Urban Pattern in France - 2013

Socio-spatial indicators are mapped at the communal level using a population cartogram. City centers almost always contrast with their suburbs and hinterlands. These maps have been published in Jacques Lévy's Réinventer la France.

2012 US Presidential Election - 2012

The urban network of Barack Obama electoral body: city centers lean more democratic than their outskirts and suburbs.

Commuting Scales - 2012

Commuting Scales is an interactive map depicting the commuters space of Lausanne University Campus. Considering travel times, there is a huge gap between car transit and public transit, in favour of cars. This gap is mainly due to public transit’s low frequencies.

French presidential election - 2012

Maps published in the newspaper Le Monde the day after the election. Vote casts follow an urban pattern.

Little Big City - 2010

Exhibition performed at the 2010 Biennale for Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Bordeaux (FR) about millionnaire cities and their role in globalization.