French presidential election

Vote casts during 2012 French presidential election follow an urban pattern. The map of the far-right party “Front national” (Marine Le Pen) emphasizes the prevalence of suburbs in the contribution to its good results.

The immigration rate at the municipal level is spatially non correlated to municipalities where the National Front scores: city centers have the greatest immigration rate and the lowest far-right votes, Paris in particular.

This observation is also valid regarding the “blank votes” map that underlines the prevalence of suburbs in the expression of an anti-establishment vote.

Some of these maps have been published in the newspaper Le Monde the day after the election and featured in the geography-dedicated program “Planète Terre” from the radio channel “France Culture”.

Team at Chôros Lab:
Luc Guillemot
Jacques Lévy
Elsa Chavinier
Manouk Borzakian
Boris Beaude